Sony PlayStation 4: 2014 Holiday Gift’s Tech Review

Sony PlayStation 4: 2014 Holiday Gift’s Tech Review

Originally Posted at in December 2014

Gaming, Social, Music and networking are all part of the appeal of PlayStation 4.

First, My Gamer Background

To give you a brief background of who this article is coming from and why I feel qualified to write about it. I am a 42 year old father of four children ranging from ages 2 to 16 years old.
I was a gamer at a very early age, and I grew up with a younger gamer brother as well. The very first computer I had ever played a game on was the original Apple Macintosh Computer. (Black and green Display, oh yeah!) Our very first home gaming system was the Atari 2600. (Wow there are more colors then black and green? Awesome!) I spent most of my childhood in the gaming arcades after school, and I have probably owned every home gaming system ever made. I was one of the first Canadians to actually order the 3DFX gaming video card for desktop computers when it was first launched in the USA, and began the 3D computer gaming revolution. So I have a good 30+ years of gaming experience behind me. Don’t ask me how much I spent on my gaming addiction over the years; I cringe to even hazard a guess now. Probably the cost of a new car, I imagine. Currently, my brother, my oldest Son and I are all the proud owners of the Sony PlayStation 3, it seems gaming may run in the blood. It may be time for an upgrade very soon.

I don’t actually own a Sony PS4 – yet. Let me just say that, I am very detail oriented when it comes to my gaming experiences and visual quality is a big thing for me, that being said I’ll admit I am a little biased and just struck by the PS4 technical specification which, in my opinion, blow everything else up to date out of the water (Sorry Xbox, no hard feelings). I will admit, what made a gaming system great 10 or 20 years ago does not exactly apply today; it’s an entirely different ball game now, we are on a whole different level.

Hardware Technical Specifications Summary

The Sony PS4 boasts a main processing unit utilizing an 8-core AMD x86-64 Jaguar 1.6Ghz CPU, and AMD Radeon Next Engine GPU capable of 1.84 TFLOPS. It has 8GB of GDDR5 memory, and Built-in 500GB hard drive, an optical drive that combines a 6x Blu-ray & 8x DVD reader. Super-Speed USB 3.0 connections, Data Communication utilizing up to 1000Base-T (Gigabit 1000 Mbps) Ethernet, up to IEEE 802.11N (Wifi N 300Mbps), and Bluetooth 2.1. The audio video outputs are HDMI and Digital Optical. For a techy like me these specs represent breath taking power. It’s like that supersonic luxury sports car that one can only dream of ever owning. Awesome! To everyone else, the experience will speak for itself, and when you hear everyone else saying “Wow!”, you will know what I mean. This is going to change everything, mark my words.

The Features Summary…

The Sony PlayStation 4 is an awesome Home Video Game Console, but is also much more. There are far too many new features to list here, such as Live Broadcasting, and Share Play, to name a few.
Once again like the PS3, you can play Blu-Ray movies, which was absent on the Xbox 360. Play Music and Stream digital content such as movies. (Yes, Netflix fans, that and so much more)
It has the ability to learn what your preferences are such as your likes and dislikes and customize your content accordingly.

You can play downloadable content such as games, while they are downloading, so you don’t need to wait until the downloading is completed before enjoying your media.
It can be paired up with the Sony PSVita to unlock and enhance the entire experience between the two systems.

There is now a Sony PlayStation App for Smartphones and Tablets that allows your devices to become second screens for your PS4, allowing them to view in game items, make purchases and downloads directly to the PS4 from the PlayStation Network.

The DualShock 4 wireless controller also has an integrated Touch pad to take system interaction to a whole new level. There is even a share button to allow for media sharing now.
Use of a Camera and microphone allow not only for in game multiplayer chat, and Video Chat outside of games, but will also allow for voice control of the PS4 interface.

A welcome new feature is the ability to multitask applications, so while you are playing a game you don’t need to exit the game to use the Internet browser, which was the case on the PS3.

The PS4 web browser is far more compatible than its predecessor on the PS3. It is compatible with HTML5, and uses the same Webkit core as Google Chrome and Apple Safari.

How much is it? Where can I get it?

Finally, it’s been just over a year since the Sony PS4 was launched and this holiday season many retailers and selling a basic bundled PS4 with one game (The Last of Us) for around $450 CDN, but there are a few retailers offering additional free games, usually one or two titles at no extra cost, and considering these games sell for around $70 each, that is a very good deal, and with the holiday’s fast approaching these deals will be in limited supply and won’t last long. So get out there and snap up this little treasure as soon as you can, before it’s too late.

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