Microsoft Windows 10: Limited Time Free Upgrade Offer

Microsoft Windows 10: Limited Time Free Upgrade Offer

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Microsoft has recently announced that they will be giving Windows 7 (SP1) and Windows 8.1 computer owners and mobile Windows phone owners a free upgrade to the full version of Windows 10 for a limited time once it is released as expected on July 29th, 2015. The upgrade is 3 Gigabytes and will take current “Home” users to the Windows 10 Home version and the “Pro” users to the Windows 10 Pro version. This free upgrade feature will NOT be made available to Enterprise and Volume License users, but only to OEM and Retail Windows owners with valid license keys. Enterprise and Volume License users automatically get all updates through their agreement.

Here are the basic steps to reserving your Free upgrade.

The Current Windows OS should be Windows 7 with Service Pack 1 installed, or Windows 8.1. What you will then find if you look down by the clock area on your desktop is a White “Windows” icon. If you move the mouse over it you will see a little popup dialog showing “Get Windows 10”.


If you click on this icon it will display a pop-up screen.

Click on the “Learn more” link, and it will open the “Get Windows 10” tool that will walk you through reserving your free upgrade.

Once you click on “Reserve your free upgrade”, it will simply ask for your email address to send you a notification when the upgrade is ready. Even providing your email address is optional. This is because the upgrade is associated to the device and not to the user. Once you confirm that you wish to receive the upgrade, you are done. You will then see a confirmation screen where, if desired, you can cancel the reservation.

After the reservation is complete, you can then click on the Windows icon by the clock and it will bring up a 5 slide summary marketing some of the Windows 10 features.

For more details on Windows 10 Features visit

If you wish to view the full set of menu items, simply click on the “three stacked bars” icon at the top left side of the slides. This will bring you to the “About Windows 10” contents, and “Getting the upgrade” contents which include “Check your PC” for Windows 10 Compatibility and “View Confirmation” of your Windows 10 reservation.

Check your PC for Windows 10 compatibility

From the side menu you can run the Windows 10 compatibility check. This tool will check your current computer for potential hardware and software issues that may be encountered if you choose to upgrade. It’s important to know that there is no guarantee that these incompatibility issues will have any future fixes.

Hardware device issues can become a major problem if even simple software driver updates cannot fix the incompatibly issues. Some hardware on desktops maybe need to be upgraded at the owner’s expense (if possible), such as video cards which can be removed. This becomes more of an issue with laptops where components are permanently built-in and cannot be removed and upgraded.

Sometimes software can receive updates from the developers to make them compatible with new operating systems, or a completely new version may be required to replace the old version.

If you decide to upgrade, pay special attention to your external devices such as printers, because far too often printer software and drivers become end of life and incompatible with the next generation of Windows Operating systems. You may find out after you upgrade, when it’s too late, that your printer may end up a very large paper weight if it is too old to work with Windows 10.

In a perfect world, upgrades are great…when they work perfectly, but it’s not a perfect world, so when in doubt, before jumping all in make sure you have a recovery system in place for your system that works so you can revert back to your previous Windows version if needed. Once you are confident you have a recovery plan in place, you can upgrade with some peace of mind. If you feel you are ready when the time comes to upgrade, test drive it thoroughly until you are satisfied it will meet your needs, and will not result in a frustrating and time consuming amount of troubleshooting. Let’s continue to hope that Windows 10 will really be a perfect “10”.

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